Despite intense moments at an annual anti-racism demonstration in front of city hall yesterday there were only minor incidents in a confrontation between groups.

Over 100 anti-racism activists took over the steps of city hall for the third annual event to fight back against racism at the high-security event.

Layton Bertsch told the crowd of angry anti-racism protesters, “We’re not here to cause problems but we want our views to be heard. We are proud of white people and we simply just want to be tolerated.”

The tension peaked when an unidentified woman showed up in camouflage and shouted vulgar racist obscenities while flailing her middle fingers. Police had to safely escort the woman away as the crowd closed in.

Anti-racism group spokesperson Jason Devine said the event was a success.

“We’re here to express our views and celebrate diversity and the fact there aren’t any Aryan Guard here is a success,” Devine said.

In the past there have been violent clashes between the two groups and police were on hand at this year’s event to ensure it wouldn’t happen again, according to Insp. Kevan Stuart.

“I think it went well today. This was a very well prepared plan and there were no acts of violence,” Stuart said, though he expressed concern protesters were wearing bandanas and covering their faces.

Police said there were no injuries during the event, but one person was charged for throwing a rock, and another charged after a person was struck with a skateboard.