Police say they’ll pursue charges for paint protest

Image courtesy APC.


An APC member vandalizes Premier Gordon Campbell’s Kitsilano constituency office yesterday.

Protesters threw paint at Premier Gordon Campbell’s Kitsilano constituency office yesterday while he was downtown delivering a speech to members of British Columbia’s tourism industry.

David Cunningham, with the Anti Poverty Committee, said members of his organization threw green, red and yellow paint at the building to represent the colours of the Olympic rings.

The Games, he said is being funded with money that should be going toward housing for the city’s poor.

"We’re demanding that the Liberals begin purchasing real, decent housing for people," he said. "There’s no excuse for thousands of people to be living and dying on the streets."

A video of the incident, taken by a member of the committee, shows three people dressed in painter’s suits throwing paint on the windows while a constituency staff member stands in the doorway keeping the protesters out.

On Sunday the APC threw yellow paint at the Olympic countdown clock outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Cunningham said he realizes these actions might discredit the committee but added he’s not running in a popularity contest.

"Peaceful protest isn’t doing anything," he said.

Vancouver police Const. Jana McGuinness said the incident was a criminal act and promised to charge the culprits.

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