News of yet another child falling out of a window in Ottawa had officials yesterday appealing to parents to prevent what’s becoming a too common occurrence this summer.

When a child fell from a sixth-storey window Sunday night, it marked the fourth time this summer it’s happened and should serve as a reminder to parents of the need to secure home windows, said Ottawa Paramedics spokesperson Jean-Paul Trottier.

“Parents have to be extremely vigilant at all times, even if you live in a townhome, or a two-storey dwelling, these are instances that could quickly happen,” said Trottier. “You have to make all the rooms in the house safe for your child in and around windows.”


Limiter devices that prevent windows from opening beyond four inches are important, as well as keeping furniture away from the window, he said.

On June 25, three-year-old Gawain Moorcroft died after falling from a 15-storey apartment unit on Caldwell Avenue in Carlington. In early July, a nine-month-old fell from the second storey of a townhouse in Gloucester. Trottier said there was another less publicized incident of a child falling from a window earlier in the summer.

After the Moorcroft death, which happened in a city-owned high rise, Ottawa Community Housing inspected more than 2,000 units, beginning with upper floor family units, to ensure window limiters were in place, said CEO Ron Larkin.

The most recent incident occurred at an apartment tower managed by Minto on Woodridge Crescent. Doug Brunsdon, Minto vice-president of operations and asset management, said the company has posted notices in the public areas of their apartment towers reminding people to check their window limiters. Brunsdon also said Minto’s yearly inspection includes a check that limiters are in place.

steps taken

  • Ottawa Community Housing has designed warning stickers to be placed on windows in the units that explain why they are in place.

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