Apple’s newly minted CEO Tim Cook is expected to make his first big product announcement on Oct. 4, the day sources say Apple will launch the highly anticipated iPhone 5.

AllThingsD, a widely trusted tech blog, pegged the early October date after months of speculation and conflicting reports. Of course, the blog stipulated that Apple could switch the date at any time.

The pressure is on Cook to live up to Steve Jobs’ famous announcements, where the now-legendary co-founder of Apple would convince millions to buy the company’s latest and greatest technology.

To reinforce his credibility as the new leader of the world’s largest company, Cook will likely “quarterback” the announcement, according to AllThingsD.


The Twitterverse was in an uproar on the news, with “Apple to announce iPhone 5” trending worldwide for the majority of yesterday morning.

No word yet when iPhone lovers in Canada will get a chance to buy the product. Fans on this side of the border had to sit tight for one month after the American launch of the iPhone 4 in June 2010.

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