Apple's event on Monday, cleverly named "Spring Forward," prominently featured the Apple Watch and announcements revolving around its features and functionality.

The event was rare for Apple in that most were generally sure of what Apple would be talking about, whereas past events by the company have been cloaked in secrecy.

Apple however introduced several new services and a new version of their Macbook during the presentation.

If you weren't able to tune in to Apple's event to hear more news regarding Apple Watch, here are the 5 things you need to know:

The Apple watch will be available in three distinct families divided primarily by the material they are made of. All of the varieties will come in two screen sizes 38 mm and 44 mm.

The first will be the aluminum Apple Watch Sport:
The lowest priced Apple Watch will be prices at $349 for the 38mm version and 399 for the 44mm version. The watch’s band is made out of rubber.
The second is the stainless steel Apple Watch:
The second to lowest priced Apple Watch will come with a variety of both rubber, leather and metal bands (the choice of which will effect how much it costs). The 38mm version will cost between $549-$1049 and $599-$1099 for the 44mm version.
The third will be Apple Watch Edition:
The most expensive Apple Watch will be made of solid 18 carat gold. The starting price for this timepiece will begin at $10,000 and will only be available at select retail stores.
A major concern about the Apple Watch has been about just how long the watch’s battery will last. Tim Cook boasted that an average day’s use will let the battery last 18 hours. The watch is packed with energy saving features, one of which is called “glance” which will allow the watch’s screen to only light up when looked at.

A host of apps were announced and presented to the event’s audience. With the Apple Watch users can make phone calls, send texts, read and send emails, and even unlock doors and open garages remotely.


Apple Pay will be coming to watch as well and will allow users to pay for goods and services by simply placing their watch near the payment sensor or a store.

One of the aspects of the Apple Watch that the company was most ephatic about was the menu of options available for users in regards to the look and function of the watch. For Apple Watch customers, you will have a variety of wrist bands and watch faces at your literal fingertips.

Apple announced that the Apple Watch will be available for pre-orders on April 10th and also available to try in store on the same day.

The Apple Watch itself will be shipping and sold in stores on April 24th in the following countries:

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
United States

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