April Fools! It's basically a day invented for people to read news stories, think "Wait, what?" and then go "Oh, right."


Metro hasn't gone down that path — all real stories from us today — but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the humorous work of others! A rundown of today's best pranks:


»Britain's Guardian, long one of Britain's loudest voices against the monarchy, announced that it was turning its back on republicanism and fully embracing the Royal Family, starting with a Royal Wedding live-blog. Trust us, this is funny!


»Hulu, meanwhile, has turned the clock back 15 years to imagine what the popular video site would have looked like in 1996. The answer: low-bit images, scrolling text and plenty of frames. On the plus side, Hulu is also spotlighting the best of its '90s archive, featuring episodes of "NewsRadio," "The Dana Carvey Show" and "Kids in the Hall."


»But the funniest pranks of the day come from Google, who have gone absolutely joke-crazy. (Seriously. Someone should check in with them to see if they're OK.) First, they unveiled this search Easter egg: If you Google fancy font "Helvetica" today, your results will show up in horrendous Comic Sans.

Then the search giant offered Gmail users the chance to sign up for Gmail Motion, a new Wii-style application that allows users to read and compose mail just by moving their body:

And, if that wasn't enough, they also offered a look inside the life of a Google Autocompleter, one of the anonymous web drones who finishes searches for you in real time:

Aww. We love you, Google! Well, not really, because you're a corporation. But if you were a person, we would totally love you! (via PC World)