Rob Ford is picking up allies on city council.

In a surprise addition to councillors Mike Del Grande and Frances Nunziata, Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti is poised to come out in support of Ford today.

Del Grande said he expects others will join the Ford juggernaut.

“I know that there’s going to be a number of people over a number of days who are going to come out for Rob,” Del Grande said. “That I heard. I can’t confirm names.”

Doug Holyday, a tight-fisted councillor for Etobicoke, said he is being courted by Rob’s brother Doug, who is running for council in his brother’s old seat.

Holyday is keeping his options open but expressed surprise at Mammoliti going to Ford since the two have been enemies. At one point, Ford called Mammoliti a “Gino boy.”

“I mean, he’s been Ford’s bitter arch-enemy all these years and now all of a sudden he’s willing to make a deal to get who knows what out of it?” Holyday said.

Other councillors will be upset if Ford starts promising plum posts in the new administration in return for their endorsement now, he said. “Rob can’t help it if Mammoliti comes out and endorses him but he’d certainly be making his first big mistake if he was to give Giorgio something for doing it.”

Holyday added that he heard Nunziata had requested to be named speaker of council and preside over council meetings.

“That again is ridiculous. People either support him or don’t support him. They shouldn’t be doing it just to make deals for themselves because there’ll be a large amount of alienated councillors if Ford’s giving away all the positions here.”

Del Grande, an accountant, said he wasn’t offered anything and didn’t ask for anything in return for his support. “There are no deals, no anything. He said he needed help, wants to surround himself with good people to deliver on his platform. I said I agreed with most of it. I agree with a lot of his financial positions.”