Yesterday’s events answered the age-old question — will Archie Andrews marry the woman who would bake the wedding cake or the one who would buy it?

Over 65 years of tales from the Riverdale kids brought out a crowd of people in celebration of Archie and Veronica Lodge’s wedding.

Happy Harbor Comics held a celebration for the new married couple, accompanied by cake, the release of the first part to the six-part series and tons of fans to celebrate.

“In the 10 years that I’ve worked here, this is by far the biggest event,” said Jay Bardyla, event organizer and owner of Happy Harbor Comics. “Every parent can give their child an Archie comic and not have to worry.”

Archie’s decision, however, didn’t please everyone.

Twenty-five-year Archie comic fan and owner of over 10,000 comics Marc Desgagne, 37, was disappointed in the decision.

“I was just beside myself,” Desgagne said. “It should have been Betty.”

But Desgagne, like many others, held his head high and smiled for the new couple. The comic’s impact was easy to see — people dressed as the lovable teens and wearing memorabilia items highlighted the interest of readers over the last 65 years.

“Every person, it doesn’t matter what age, can say that they have read at least one Archie comic in their life,” Bardyla said. “They’ve just changed a seven-decade dynamic.”

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