Everything has become a bit more expensive since the HST came into effect and Canucks games are no exception.

But with pricier concession items and tickets — including the most expensive cheap seats in the league — some fans are worried the reputably tame, business-class crowd will become tamer as average fans opt to stay home.

Dylan Tomlin, from New Westminster, said the crowd at the Rogers Arena — formerly GM Place — has a more corporate feel than those at other venues.

“You do notice there are fewer jerseys and more people wearing suits,” he said. “It’s very controlled crowds, not a lot of spontaneity. It’s definitely different at Giants games where it’s a more engaged crowd.”

Darren Mclean, from Vancouver, said the atmosphere at Canucks games is “pretty tame” compared to other cities.

“It’s a very white-collar crowd,” he said.

Jordan Cosulich, from Vancouver, said he usually goes to Canucks games with corporate seats, but added there should be more availability for “the real fans.”

With files from sarah n. fitzgerald

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