A look at picks for tomorrow’s hottest collectibles

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is the number one car on a list of Top 10 Future Collector Cars.


Tomorrow’s collector cars are parked in garages and sitting on showroom floors all across North America. To help you sort out the next generation of sweet wheels, respected U.S. collector car valuation expert McKeel Hagerty, has compiled a list of Top 10 Future Collect­or Cars.

In determining the Hagerty “hot list” he analyzed the reasons today’s collector cars are such hot commodities: pop-culture popularity, limited production numbers and the style of the next generation of collectors.

His candidates included a wide range of models that span market segments and price ranges: cars that are more affordable, fun to drive and still enticing for future generations.

“Many consumers may be driving a future collector car right now!” says

The MINI Cooper is listed at number two.

Hagerty. “Our goal was to find cars that drivers find appealing now, and that they may consider nostalgic in 15 to 20 years. Each car on Hagerty’s “hot list” possesses a ‘buzz,’ a ‘wow’ factor that resonates with motorists of all ages, many cars being daily drivers that turn heads already.”

With hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts flocking to the world-renowned Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and six other auction houses in Scottsdale, Ariz., last week to ring in the collector car auction season — some may wonder: Who can afford a collector car?

With Hagerty’s “hot list”, you don’t need to break the bank to get a hot and value-appreciating ride.

All you have to do is wait.

“Unlike the vagaries of the stock market, certain models not only retain their value but escalate in popularity and price far beyond expectations,” says Hagerty.

top 10 future collector cars:

  1. Toyota FJ Cruiser

  2. MINI Cooper

  3. Lotus Elise

  4. Dodge Viper

  5. Acura NSX (out of production)

  6. Toyota Scion (not sold in Canada)

  7. Audi TT

  8. Jaguar XK

  9. Chrysler 300

  10. Smart Car

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