Carole James may have lost the last provincial election but she’s way ahead of Premier Gordon Campbell on Facebook.

According to the Social Page Evaluator, which was launched on Thursday by social media management company Vitrue, James’ Facebook page is valued at $12,974, with a potential to be worth $31,136.

Gordon Campbell’s page, however, is valued at $3,242, and could be worth $27,788.

The Social Page Evaluator determines the current monetary value and potential value of a brand’s Facebook page based on, in part, the number of fans, as well as frequency, timing and content of the user’s posts.

Short URLs also help.

The Vancouver Canucks are apparently doing everything right, with the team’s Facebook page valued at a whopping $1.6 million, matching its potential.

The City of Vancouver’s Facebook page is not far behind, with a value of just more than $20,000 and a potential of almost $22,000.

Lululemon’s Facebook page is worth $1 million and has a potential to be $1.3 million.

David Suzuki’s page is worth $258,000, but could be as much as $645,000.

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