We all have our special Christmas Eve traditions. And maybe yours is sweating profusely while sprinting around for last-minute gifts.

Fret not, dear slacker — here are some holiday gift ideas you may not have thought of. And if you don’t like ’em? Well, maybe next year you should get your act together.

1 For people with a sense of humour, how about Michael Bublé in a Santa hat? Have a singing telegram sent to their house, delivered by their favourite celebrity impersonator. Arnie the Ham: The Singing Telegram Man (416-635-6925) will take orders until 2 a.m. Christmas Eve for about $150 a pop.

2 Everyone knows the secret to getting people into cultural institutions is to make admission free. A year-long membership at the AGO — which will be open until 4 p.m. Christmas Eve — is a great deal at $120 for two parents and their entire brood.

3 Maybe your dog wants to celebrate baby Jesus, too. For $29, you can buy a Doggie Detail Card from Doggie Central (416-412-7771), which includes a play session, a bath and a paws therapy treatment (open until 3 p.m. Christmas Eve).

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