Getting ready Employees say they expect the unexpected when it comes to their careers, yet a new survey suggests there may not be a lot of action to back up that claim, according to a Robert Half International poll.

Although 82 per cent of workers polled said they would be ready to conduct a job search if they lost their jobs tomorrow, only 20 per cent had updated their resumés in the last three months. Forty-four per cent hadn’t revised their resumés in more than a year.

“Workers who are prepared in the event of a sudden job loss also are ready when new employment opportunities arise, including those within their own companies,” said Reesa Staten, senior vice-president and director of workplace research for Robert Half International.

“A current resumé is an essential career tool — the longer it remains untouched, the harder it is to update, since specific achievements are not always easy to recall. Creating a ‘personal personnel file’ where you place kudos can help you keep track of your successes.”

Staten added, “A compelling resumé is just the first building block of a successful job search.

It’s also imperative to have an active network and up-to-date skills. Many people may focus on one particular area during a job search when many factors can play a part in career advancement.”

To help professionals evaluate how prepared they are to launch a job search, Upwardly Mobile, Inc. ( recently collaborated with Robert Half International to develop a new tool, the Job-Hunt Readiness Evaluator. , check it out at

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