Here are some things you’ll find in non-organic meat:

  • Arsenic: Added to commercial chicken feed, arsenic has been found in 55 per cent of raw supermarket chicken products, according to a study done by the Institute for Agriculture and

    Trade Policy.

  • Butylated Hydroxy-anisole: A preservative and potential carcinogen used in meat.

  • Propyl p-hydroxybenozoate, propylparaben, and paraben: A meat preservative linked to chronic dermatitis.

  • Campylobacter: An antibiotic-resistant bacteria strain that’s become more prevalent due to antibiotic use in poultry production. A 2001 report in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that 17 per cent of chickens sampled in supermarkets in four U.S. states had campylobacter strains that were resistant to antibiotics.

  • Diethylstilbestrol: A sex steroid hormone prohibited for humans is still used in cattle production, and even small amounts can alter the balance in the endocrine system.

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