Nearly half hold post-graduate degrees:Data

What scientific theory did James Hutton pioneer in his 1795 book Theory Of The Earth? Time’s up.

Don’t know?


You’re in good company. That question flummoxed some of the city’s most cerebral citizens.

Granted, that’s as rare as a Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa, according to Blanca Suen, owner of Timothy’s World of Coffee on Charles Street West at Bay Street, who has to do her homework formulating questions for the daily quiz at her popular café.

"My customers like to be challenged," Suen said smiling broadly because her brain teaser on the Scottish geologist stumped the quiz whizzes. No one got the answer. "Our questions have to be harder because of the area."

It’s true: According to the most recent census data, nearly half — 46 per cent — of people 25 and older who live in the area from Bloor Street West, to St. Joseph Street, Yonge to Bay streets, hold post-graduate degrees in some heady fields — law, business, veterinary medicine, public administration, architecture, engineering, you name it. That’s the highest percentage of any census tract in the GTA.

graduate students

  • The high-brow makeup of the area is enhanced by the fact the U of T is a stone’s throw away. Regis College, one of six that make up the Toronto School of Theology, attracts graduate students from all over the world.

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