BERLIN (Reuters) - Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Tuesday urged France to be flexible on agriculture in talks on a trade pact between the European Union and South America.


Argentina's new pro-business government offers the Mercosur trade bloc its best chance in years to reach an accord despite political uncertainty in Brazil and resistance from nine EU countries led by France to opening up their farm sectors.


"Of course the most difficult chapter is agriculture with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay this is essential and in this sense we need a more flexible position from the French side," Macri said during a news conference in Berlin.


"But I am relying on Germany's leadership capabilities," he added, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel standing by his side.


Merkel said agriculture was the most complicated part of the talks, not just for France, but also for Germany.


(Writing by Joseph Nasr; Editing by Caroline Copley7)