BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine inflation is expected at 20.2 percent in full-year 2017, according to a central bank poll of economists published on Friday, up slightly from the 19.7 percent forecast given in the same poll a month earlier.


Both estimates were well outside the bank's target range of a 12 to 17 percent rise in consumer prices next year.


The median forecast for inflation this year was 40.0 percent, according to the survey of 58 economists, up from the 39.4 percent estimate given in the central bank's previous poll.


The economists surveyed expect 3.0 percent economic growth in Argentina next year, down from the 3.2 percent median forecast given in the survey released a month earlier.


The economy was expected to shrink 2.3 percent in full-year 2016, according to the poll, a bit more pessimistic than the forecast of a 2.0 percent contraction given in the previous survey.

(Reporting by Hugh Bronstein; Editing by Alistair Bell)