An Argentine driver miraculously survived and was unhurt after his trailer truck was left dangling from a tall Buenos Aires bridge following an accident at dawn on Wednesday (September 7), according to local media reports. The bridge divides the provinces of Buenos and Entre Rios, and the incident occurred on the Buenos Aires side of the border, in the town of Zarate.

Local media reported the driver lost control of the vehicle - loaded with rolls of paper - when he fell asleep, ramming through the railings on the side of Urquiza bridge in the Zarate Brazo Largo complex.

The driver told local reporters he had no recollection of the accident or how he was rescued from the trucks' cabin. His co-pilot was also unhurt.

The dangling truck cabin was finally removed at around midday following a several-hour operation, which disrupted traffic.


Circulation on the bridge was partially reopened to one lane but then closed again an hour before midday on both sides of the bridge, while the truck's cabin was pulled back to the road.

Local authorities said the crash took place at around 4:00 am local time (8:00 am GMT) on kilometer 111 of the National Route 12.

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