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AnArizonastudent who showed hispenisin his football team'sphotograph was arrested briefly after his highschoolunwittinglysent the image to hundreds of his Phoenix-area classmates as part of itsyearbook, officials said on Monday.


A spokeswoman for Red Mountain HighSchoolsaid thephotowas printed in all of theschool'syearbooks destined for some 3,400 students, but only about 250 books had been given out so far.


"Luckily, most of theyearbooks were still in their boxes," said spokeswoman Helen Hollands.


The school hopes to get back all of the 250 yearbooks, and all books in school possession will be edited to cover the inappropriate content.


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The student, Hunter Osborn, 19, told police he was acting on a dare from another football player when court documents said "he exposed hispenisthrough the top of his waistband of his football uniform pants."

Fifty-nine students, ranging in age from 15 to 19 years old, and 10 faculty members were present at the time, police said.

Osborn, released from custody on Sunday after being arrested the day earlier, faces 69 counts of misdemeanor indecent exposure and one count of felony furnishing harmful items to minors, according to Mesa police spokesman Steve Berry and jail records.

Osborn could not immediately be reached for comment.

He told police in an interview that he knowingly exposed himself but was "disgusted by what he had done."