To live any closer to the Halifax Common, you’d have to set up a tent on the baseball diamond. And you can bet that tent wouldn’t have underground parking or a spacious balcony.

Setting a new standard in urban living, Armoury Square is a luxurious community of condominiums, located on Cunard Street, and townhomes, located on Princess Place and June Street. The prime downtown location provides staggering views of the Halifax Common.

Freelance interior designer Sally McNulty was in charge of taking Armoury Square’s model suite and showing prospective owners how they could make the place their own.

“Furnishing a model suite means providing a space where people can really envision themselves living happily and comfortably,” said McNulty, who’s been working in the field for more than 20 years.

McNulty says she likes to design environments that reflect not only the building’s architecture, but the people who will be living in the space. “Armoury Square’s fantastic location attracts people who enjoy the lifestyle and convenience of being in the centre of the city.”

When she began choosing pieces for the suite, she was careful to pick out appropriately-sized furniture, and to create a floor plan that ensured a smooth traffic flow. “I firmly believe that furniture should support the layout of a room, rather than dominate it,” McNulty said.

The colour of the furniture is nearly as important as the layout, because McNulty says an ultra-bold sofa could take away from the overall tone of a room. “I like to choose furniture in shades that will compliment the existing elements, like paint, flooring and countertops.”

Using an understated palette of cream and deep brown, McNulty chose classic, dark furniture for the living room/dining room, and kept the room bright with a light-coloured sofa and accessories.

McNulty says she is always mindful of her decorating budget, but that doesn’t mean skimping on quality or style. “It’s important to know when to take advantage of bargains, and when to splurge on a piece for maximum effect.”

Putting together Armoury Square's beautiful model suite was a team effort, with McNulty working with the beautiful custom cabinetry by Wildwood Industries and stunning pieces from Manorhouse Furniture.

Armoury Square is listed with MLS by Exit Realty Optimum. For more information, please visit

– Heather Clarke is a Halifax-based writer with a penchant for pretty things.

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