For those of us who live in a house, the odds of knowing your neighbours are often higher than if you lived in an apartment.

Sitting outside your house, whether it’s in the backyard or on the front porch, you get more interaction with those living around you. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you may not really get a chance to know your neighbours.

But at Robson Arms, everyone knows everyone else — whether they want to or not. There’s the single mom, the peculiar couple and the oddball family, and we surely can’t forget the rather interesting superintendent.

CTV’s unique and spunky dramedy, which focuses on the lives of diverse characters who live in the same apartment building in Vancouver, is back for its third season with more laughs than ever before.

In the premiere episode, Mean Girls, which starts Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET on CTV, Bobbi (Gabrielle Miller) joins a group called Single Women United Together or S.W.U.T. — a place where single women could open their hearts and their minds without the fear of being judged. And for Bobbi, it was like reliving her glorious high school days. Who could forget the popularity contests, backstabbing and cruel practical jokes?

Of course, that time in our lives wasn’t always so peachy. At one time or another things got a little messy. Everything seemed to be going great until Bobbi’s husband-stealing arch enemy Sasha (guest star April Amber Telek) shows up to threaten her prom-queen status.

So Bobbi decides to confront Sasha in the presence of the other women in S.W.U.T., telling her she should leave since she’s not single. But we find out that Sasha dumped Bobbi’s ex-husband and is single just like every woman standing amongst them. And sure enough, she’s permitted to stay.

With her two new girlfriends — a stutterer and a transgendered person — Bobbi decides to take matters into her own hands. Perhaps to teach Sasha a lesson.

Even in its third season, Robson Arms has maintained its distinctive blend of humour that made the first two seasons such a success. It’s an irresistible half an hour of comedy unlike anything else out there in TV land.

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