Christian Bale says Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer relevant to the Terminator movie franchise, reports.

The Terminator Salvation star — who stars in the forthcoming latest installment of the sci-fi series — says the new blockbuster is dramatically different from when the 61-year-old actor-turned-politician played the title character in 1984.

He said: “Terminator 2 is the original nightmare of just being pursued that everyone has, by somebody who just will not stop, never stops, doesn’t give up. When you’ve got someone who looked like Schwarzenegger coming after you it made a big difference but nowadays, it wouldn’t really — we’ve seen so many guys who imitated him and it just became a little passé.”

Although pleased with the results, Bale says disassociating the movie from Schwarzenegger’s cyborg assassin role in the sci-fi hit The Terminator was a challenge.

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