Spryfield is one of the most affordable residential areas in the Halifax Regional Municipality, offering basic real estate access and pretty, waterfront properties for those who want to spend a bit more.

Marco Di Quinzio, a.k.a. “the Friendly Agent,” says clients who buy in Spryfield usually approach him with a budget and a list of important features like being on the Halifax side of the harbour. “They want more house for less money,” he says.

Entry level prices along the Herring Cove Road and near the Canadian Tire mall can be as low as $129,000, with the average entry-level home in the Herring Cove area costing about $168,000.


That will get you a two-to-four-bedroom house that was built in 1980 or before. “They’ve got little lots and a lot of them are a storey and a half,” he says. “I call them Monopoly houses.”

Houses on Pine Grove Drive or Withrod Drive are moving into the mid-range on streets connecting ultimately to Armdale Drive. Those bigger houses cost in the neighbourhood of $200,000. “There’s a lot on the market for resale,” Di Quinzio says, “and when I look at new construction, it’s booming.”

A quick check of the Guaranty GMAC Real Estate realtor’s computer reveals 57 new-built homes on the market in Spryfield. “They’re almost all three bedrooms and the average price is $260,000,” he says. “That’s pretty impressive.”

Silver Estates subdivision just down from St. Michael’s Church and the Sobeys Mall is another high-end area, with $230,000 buying you a new construction, three-bedroom home.

Kidston Estates, near Elizabeth Sutherland School, offers homes at the high end of the price scale, with houses going for $300,000 and up. “There are some really, really nice homes there with attached garages and quite large lots,” Di Quinzio says.

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