I love to buy interesting-looking furniture that has a story, history or is from an era back in time.

Although I like older things I tend to veer toward modern lines, which can be hard to find when you love vintage and antique furnishings.

Enter my new best friend: the Art Deco era.

The furniture was simple in design and glamourous to look at. Exotic woods, shagreen, ebony and ivory were just a few of the exotic elements that made Art Deco furnishings so special.


Clean lines, unfussy style and patterns make for an easy to live with aesthetic for anyone who wants a bit of history and a modern look in their space.

Get the look:

- Art Deco is a minimalist, uncluttered look.

- Use streamlined furniture, geometric patterns and sweeping curves.

- Decorate with rich red, black or any dark lacquered wood, table trays and serving platters.

- Upholster furniture in solid colour fabric, or use geometric patterned fabrics for cushions or chairs.

- Animal printed carpets and accessories are a perfect choice.

- Use curvaceous accessories like vases and sculptures to break up all the clean, straight lines.

- Inject a stylized sunburst shape — nowadays often as a decorative mirror.

Characteristics of the Art Deco style:

  • Simple, clean lines

  • Slight arched tops, light brass or gold accents

  • Masculine colours like black, brown or grey

  • Walnut brown wood stains, high-gloss finishes

A little history:

  • Although Hollywood made the Art Deco look famous, the clean-lined luxurious era was invented in Paris.

  • Art Deco has influenced fashion, interior design, architecture, industrial design and visual arts. It resurged in the 1980s with black lacquered furnishings.

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