For a boy who grew up on the prairies, playing and watching hockey, it’s understandably a slap-shot project.

“It’s the best job in the world,” says Graeme Patterson. “I am passionate about hockey, but I am passionate about art — so I get to do those two things at once.”

The NSCAD University graduate — and current artist-in-resident at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia — has teamed with hockey legend Darryl Sittler for his newest work.

Called 10 Point Game, the handcrafted piece is a hockey table that Patterson will film to recreate the Feb. 7, 1976, game where Sittler, a Toronto Maple Leaf, scored 10 points.

It still stands as an NHL record for most points scored during one game.

“I didn’t know what the record was before,” said Sittler, who was at the gallery yesterday to look at the piece. “I went into the end of the second period with seven points, and our statistician came down to the dressing room, and normally he wouldn’t do that.”

The record at the time was eight points, and was held by Maurice Richard.

“It was cool, I was a 26-year old,” Sittler said. “I went out in the third period and got three more goals.”

Patterson, who has made three hockey-themed works, was introduced to Sittler through a mutual friend in Toronto.

It was after meeting the icon that the artist came up with the idea to make 10 Point Game Sittler said it was an honour for him to be asked, especially since he has seen Patterson’s other work and appreciates the way he captures the essence of hockey.

“When this is finished, the people who come to the gallery will appreciate his skill and talent, and obviously the recognition and the importance of the game itself,” Sittler says.

The AGNS will unveil a completed 10 Point Game at a later date.

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