Fall is a time of wonder and mystery. Sweaters come on. Flip-flops, thankfully, come off. And the magical elves who call themselves game publishers begin to break out the big guns. Here is a preview of the biggest titles that will be gracing your consoles in the coming months.

Xbox 360
Kinect controller, Nov. 4: Don’t you want to live in a Minority Report future where we are pitted against one another in a fight for survival? Me too! The Kinect allows you to control your games and UI with no controller at all, a la a futuristic Tom Cruise. It could change gaming as we know it. It could also fall flat on its face.

Also look out for: Sequels abound with “Halo Reach” (today) and “Fable III”
(Oct. 26).

Playstation 3
‘Gran Turismo 5,’ Nov. 2: The ultimate racing franchise finally returns to consoles. This game has been in development for over five years and has reportedly racked up over $60 million in production costs. Sixty million? Those cars better have a sweet GPS system and LoJack.

Also look out for: The Move controller (Sep. 17) is looking to improve on the Wiimote, and may have the games to back it up.

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