The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted has thrown its support behind Ontario’s legal aid boycott, a move that shows defence lawyers are right to continue their months-long protest, the group behind the action said Thursday.

“AIDWYC’s participation underlines the point that we have been making for several months now that a properly funded system for defence counsel is an insurance policy against the train wrecks known as wrongful convic-tions,” said Frank Addario, president of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.

“It should be clear to everyone paying attention that what’s at risk here is that the lawyers who are capable of doing serious cases involving complex prosecution will not return to the legal aid program unless the government fixes it.”

The non-profit organization advocating for the wrongly convicted is the latest to join a boycott launched in June by criminal defence lawyers who said they weren’t getting enough to try large, complicated trials after years of cuts and freezes under previous governments.