Some transit riders said they wouldn’t blink an eye at a potentially anti-religious ad that could appear on TransLink buses early next year.

The ad, by the Centre For Inquiry, states: “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.” It references Allah, homeopathy, psychics, Christ and other beliefs.

If approved, it would appear in Metro Vancouver public transit early next year.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with it,” said Vancouver resident Shari Bailey, adding that advertisers deserve freedom of speech.

John Richardson, an electrician from Port Coquitlam, said the ad would at least spark his curiosity.

Bailey agreed, but said she might question the motivation behind the organization putting out the ad.

Some people, however, would definitely have a problem with the ad, said Richardson.

“As soon as you mention Christ, there’s a certain demographic that’s going to be offended,” he said.

Amber Mackereth, a singer and performer in Vancouver, said it wouldn’t offend her, even though she went to a Catholic elementary school.

“At least it’s something pushing us to think of other things,” Mackereth said. “For me and for most people I know, that wouldn’t offend anyone.”

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