A Toronto high school student who was suspended and banned from intramural sports for criticizing the school’s physical education department has recovered his athletic privileges.

Emil Cohen says he’s glad Northern Secondary School is letting him back in the gym, but he doesn’t consider the matter fully resolved.

“I would still like the suspension taken off my permanent record and an apology from the school,” he said in statement.

“More importantly though, I hope the school looks at setting up appropriate venues for students to voice their legitimate concerns and criticisms at school.”

The Grade 12 student was barred from using the school’s athletic facilities for speaking against what he considers lack of support for the soccer program during an athletic assembly in November.

He was also suspended for two days.

More than a hundred students took part in a rally in his defence Dec. 3.

Cohen’s publicist says the administration reinstated the 17-year-old’s athletic privileges Friday.
The student says he plans to work out in the school’s gym today.

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