No one who eats airport food expects gourmet cookery, but when rushing to make a flight, many of us often pick up a sandwich to go.


That’s what Joel Woloshuck did at the Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. After purchasing his focaccia sandwich, Woloshuck noticed something moving on the bread.


"I'm looking at what I thought was parmesan, right? Then the parmesan started to move," Woloshuk said.


He later told WSB-TV in Atlanta that the sandwich he bought at Café Intermezzo was full of maggots. To prove his claim he held onto the sandwich during the entirety of his business trip to Miami so he could show the maggot-filled sandwich to the television station.


"This is not wilted tomato; this isn't a moldy piece of bread. These are maggots," Woloshuk said.

The restaurant offered Woloshuk a refund but he refused it. After being approached by WSB-TV the restaurant released a statement saying the maggots “could not have been generated on our premises” and were instead from the vendor that supplied the bread.

“All products from the vendor were removed,” the company said in the statement. “Not a single crumb of bread from the vendor remains in the facility.”

The Clayton County Board of Health said they found no violations during an inspection of the restaurant this week.

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