Garbed in creations from local designers, models will strut it out on the runway this weekend.

It’s the spring edition of Atlantic Fashion Week, where up-and-coming and established designers are given the canvas and the audience to appreciate their work.

While it may be news for some people that there’s a fashion industry in Atlantic Canada, it’s flourishing, said event organizer Angela Sotiropoulos.


“We had 17 local designers (in the fall show) and I think that shocked a lot of people, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” she said. “There are all these little hidden communities, which is really the point of this.”

There will be about the same number of designers showcased this time around, she added. It’s free for designers here and Sotiropoulos wants to keep it that way.

“It was always my dream to offer an event where young designers can take part,” she said “The designers get to have professional models, runway, and advertisements.”

A model at 14 and a designer at 21, Sotiropoulos had to work under other labels at first because it was too difficult to get her own designs out there.

About 800 people are expected to take in two days of fashion shows starting tomorrow.

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