The wife of an Edmonton man who was beaten into a vegetative state a decade ago says his attacker is appealing a court ruling that declared him a dangerous offender.

Lesley Miller said she got the news in an email sent to her by the appeal and prosecutions branch on Aug. 24, but she only recently returned home from a trip to Scotland to attend her mother’s funeral. Miller said she’s been told Leo Teskey does not have a lawyer and has filed the appeal himself.

It is not clear if the matter will make it to court. Miller said she has spent the last decade heartbroken over what’s happened to her husband.

Dougald Miller was walking through a building he and his wife owned on Nov. 21, 2000, when he came across Teskey sleeping in the hall. As the caretaker was escorting him out, Teskey launched a brutal attack, crushing Dougald’s skull, breaking his jaw, and tearing off part of his ear.

The dangerous offender ruling earlier this year is the second time Teskey has been deemed a danger to the public.

The first was after he was initially convicted of aggravated assault in the Miller case, but the Supreme Court ordered a new trial. The high court said the judge had taken an unreasonable length of time to deliver his written reasons for the conviction.