Re: “Attacks” in Mexico:


Having travelled to Mexico several times (and several other countries in the Caribbean), and always found it to be safe, and the people to be very nice, I have to say I am a tad skeptical of some of these recent stories. Any incidents I’ve witnessed have almost always involved young (18-25 years old) tourists, who are clearly drunk. Even sober, many of these young travellers seem to forget where they are, they treat the locals and resort staff with complete disrespect, and think they can get away with any rude comments or inappropriate behaviour.


On top of that, many of them put themselves in higher risk situations such as passing-out on a public beach overnight, or hitchhiking back to the hotel.


Maybe the issue is more about young people taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, and less about a sinister conspiracy involving resorts, local police, and foreign governments.