The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede are looking for new talent this weekend to feature in its 10-day show.

Hundreds of children aged seven to 11 are expected to audition for the troupe, which 13-year member Scott Steele says prompted lifestyle change.

“If it weren’t for the Young Canadians, I’d be at home playing videogames and about 80 pounds heavier,” he said. “I wouldn’t have any motivation.”

Steele is applying for the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in England this year, something he never imagined at age seven when he first auditioned for the Young Canadians. “I was mad at my mom for making me go. But it took me about a week of being in the Young Canadians to enjoy it,” he said.

This year the group will be accepting about 16 female singers, 16 male singers, and 16 dancers.

“They will get to work with incredibly talented instructors and special guests, they get to be part of a huge show,” said Patricia Metz with the Young Canadians.

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