Hundreds brave snow to audition for Canadian Idol

Geoffrey Gualano believes in second chances.



And he was hoping yesterday that Canadian Idol’s casting producers felt that way, too.



The 21-year-old, who made it into Canadian Idol’s Top 100 last year, always wonders how different his life would be now if he hadn’t dropped out for school reasons during the show’s fifth season. In the meantime, his roommate during auditions, Brian Melo, went on to win last year’s Idol.

"It was the biggest mistake," Gualano said of his decision to leave.

He attended the show’s Ottawa auditions yesterday at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, saying that if he was chosen to compete in Toronto, he’d put the show first.

Obviously, casting producers believed him. Gualano was chosen to sing before the judges again today, perhaps paving the way for a return trip to T.O.

More than 500 people attended auditions here Saturday and yesterday. Canadian Idol co-producer Erin Brock was pleased with the turnout, especially considering the weekend’s snowfall.

Brock saw about five singers she thought were "really good" during auditions. "I saw people with energy and people who sang with heart and soul," she said.

The contestants, some of them nervous, waited in line to be called to sing in groups of five. The auditions are performed in private for casting producers, with chosen ones advancing to a solo audition.

From there, the pool narrowed again to about 50 for auditions in front of Canadian Idol judges Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan and Zack Werner at an undisclosed location, today.

"I have nothing to lose," said 18-year-old Algonquin College student Addie Lueders. "I love to sing. I’ve always wanted to sing for everyone and I have an OK voice, so it’s worth a try."

The auditions were so important to Angie Thompson that the West Carleton resident spent more than an hour just getting out of her driveway to attend yesterday.

"A lot of my family has been asking me for years to do this," said Thompson, who at age 16, became eligible this year.

"I’m here for the singing dream," said Aylmer resident Michelle Charron, 21. "I’ve always been very passionate about it and I thought, why not?"

Auditioning for Idol is harder than people think, said Brock.

"When you’re up there, you’re vulnerable and can’t hide behind anything," she said.

Metro Idol?

  • Metro reporter Tracey Tong was one of several local contestants in the Media Idol portion of the city’s Canadian Idol auditions. To view her audition and others, and to vote, visit Watch for Tong’s Cityscapes column on Wednesday for her take on the auditions.