City of Calgary procurement practices will once again be under the microscope as an independent auditor gets set to investigate.

Following allegations of fraud made by the city’s former auditor in mid-May, council made the decision to conduct a review.

The city announced its selection yesterday of Deloitte and Touche LLP, which Ald. Brian Pincott, chair of the audit committee, said he hopes will quell concerns.

“We’ve got to clear up all of those allegations of fraud that were floating around,” said Pincott. “It’s a big piece of work.”

Deloitte will be looking into high-risk procurement activities, as well as attempting to clear up the conflicting stories between the city manager and former auditor, said Pincott.

Eric Sawyer, Calgary’s chief financial officer, said that while fraud may have been alleged, he hopes Deloitte will restore the city’s reputation.

“We certainly have found no evidence and have no reason to believe there’s impropriety or fraud and we’re now turning it over to Deloitte,” he said.

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