Refusing to surrender even after months of fruitless searching, an Australian couple is continuing their quest to locate their missing son, who vanished during a working holiday in British Columbia more than 12 weeks ago.

Though 24-year-old Owen Rooney was last seen in Grand Forks, a recent tip from an anonymous source prompted parents Steve and Sharon to relocate their efforts to the Lower Mainland.

Since arriving, the Rooneys have spent much of the last week combing countless downtown locations, from Stanley Park to homeless shelters, but continue to turn up empty-handed.

“I don’t think anyone expected it to last this long,” said Kelly Rooney, one of Owen’s two sisters who have joined their parents to assist in the search, “but you just have to keep going.”

After spending the summer working and travelling around Southeastern British Columbia, on Aug. 13 Rooney admitted himself to a Grand Forks hospital for serious head injuries, believed to have been incurred during an assault.

He left the hospital the following day and has been missing ever since, last making contact with his parents two days prior.

A website with information has been set up at