Toronto-based author Stacey Grieve offers a different look at weight-loss with her newest book, Why Are You Weighting?, which is set to launch today.

The book discusses the mind-body connection that comes with weight loss and offers readers a new method to lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off.

Grieve writes about how our bodies are pre-programmed to gain the lost weight back, but with her system this can be reprogrammed with no pain and deprivation.

Why Are You Weighting? is based on her own experiences as she struggled with weight loss in the past. Growing up overweight, she tried many diets over a 20-year period. To her dismay, none of them kept their results and after six to 12 months she’d end up weighing more than before the diet started.

Her book is suited for anyone looking to maintain their ideal weight. It tackles this challenge by first gaining control of your mind.

Her book is on sale at her website at for $21.95.

Meet the author
Meet the author in person at Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay St. today from 6 to 8 p.m.

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