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The media has pegged actor Colin Farrell as a “bad boy.”


With his ripped jeans and piercing eyes, he’s the kind of guy that makes women stop and stare. He’s got an easy smile and danger coursing through his veins. He’s a real bad boy and he’s not about to give away his secrets to his ways with women.

Unless, of course, it will gain him a quick buck.

That is Steve Santagati’s new modus operandi with his book, Manual, a look into the mind of a true bad boy.

“Bad boys represent the alpha male,” says Santagati when asked why women like bad boys. “Bad boys also make women feel safe to be naughty and that they can’t do it in front of most guys because most guys are completely clueless and will misinterpret it. Women … might not think about sex as often as we do, but you want sex as often as men do.”

Sure women have a libido strong enough to race with our male counterparts, but the more I read Santagati’s book — which seems to be a narrow depiction of how some men think — the less interested I became in meeting the ultimate bad boy. With phrases like “(Men) love a hint of ‘trampy’ in everything that women wear,” and “I cannot stress this enough: on your way up the corporate ladder, it’s not a big deal to have the guy a few rungs down look up your skirt from time to time.” Santagati claims he’s trying to empower women, but really just deflates our intelligence.

But Santagati is right about one thing — if you want to meet men — bad boys and good ones alike — you’ve got to look in more places than just your favourite neighbourhood café.

“Guys are everywhere and if women aren’t finding guys it’s because they are looking in places at the wrong time,” says Santagati. “Try grocery stores, cycling clubs, golfing, the gym, Home Depot, but stay out of the paint section because that’s where I will be.”

Joking aside, he recommends going to these places at different times of the day to see what kind of men are there and when. “Don’t go there with the idea that I’m going to meet a guy, but go there because you have something to do. Do, however, make yourself open and available to meeting someone,” says Santagati, adding that once you’ve made initial contact, and if the guy is interested, he will take over the conversation and ask for your number.

So instead of sitting at home, reading about how men think, I say try for a much more hands-on approach.