The Ottawa International Writers Festival is wrapping up this week but not without the remaining speeches by a number of renowned authors.

William Gibson was at Mayfair Theatre yesterday giving a speech about Zero History, his latest novel in a sci-fi thriller trilogy.

The American-Canadian author has been described as somewhat of a visionary of the information age. He said he doesn’t really know what’s going now with technology and said “we have to guess how it’s changing.

“We would turn on a computer and look through the screen and interact with it and then come back out,” said Gibson of the early computer days. Now he said the Internet has “colonized this side of the screen and we live in a sort of semi-constant virtual state.”

The festival, which officially ends tomorrow, will feature speeches from writers including Marina Nemat, Dave Bidini, and Andrea Levy. There will also be post-festival events on Wednesday, Friday, and through November. For the full lineup, visit