Described as a “haywire,” the family of a snowmobiler killed in an avalanche on Friday said he died doing what he loved.

Daryl Hay, 50, was a well-liked, respected and adored member of the community of Carbon, where he and his wife, Donna Hay, lived, just 120 kilometres northeast of Calgary. Hay was snowmobiling with friends south of Golden, B.C., when he was buried by an avalanche.

“He was a proud member of the community and he always wanted to make other people laugh. He took every challenge head on and was never one to sit back,” his wife said, adding they each had two kids.

When Hay and his wife returned from a vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico, last week, he couldn’t wait to get out into the snow, she said.

“He died doing what he loved and there isn’t any other way we would have it,” his wife said.

“He will be very, very missed.”

There will be a roast in Hay’s honour on Friday at 2 p.m. at the Acme Hall.