Ever been curious as to just how many of of those pesky, disease-filled rats are running around beneath your floorboards?

Well, apparently Uncle Sam had the same question.

Every two years the Census conducts the American Housing Survey, gathering statistics that paint a broad picture of housing in America. The survey asks questions about financing, demographics and quality. It also asks households whether they have seen signs of rats or mice within the past year.

Known as a very New York problem, rats have apparently been moving into other territories. The Big Apple ranked third on list this year, behind Philly and Boston.


The survey also counts cockroaches— New Orleans came in at No. 1 on that list.

Here's a list of the top 10 "rattiest" cities in the nation:

1. Philadelphia

2. Boston

3. New York

4. Washington

5. Milwaukee

6. Kansas City

7. Cincinnati

8. Portland

9. Denver

10. Memphis

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