VANCOUVER, B.C. - An epidemiologist says multiple stuns with a Taser were likely the most significant factor in Robert Dziekanski's death.

Dziekanski died at Vancouver's airport in October 2007 after being confronted by a group of RCMP officers and jolted several times with the stun gun.

A public inquiry into his death has heard from an array of medical experts, some saying the Taser played a part and others - mainly those paid by the weapon's manufacturer - insisting it had no impact.

The latest to testify is Vancouver-based epidemiologist Dr. Gordon Chambers, who says he believes the Taser stuns were likely the biggest factor in Dziekanski's death.

Chambers says it appears Dziekanski died of a fatal heart arrhythmia caused by the stress of being restrained by police and several jolts from the Taser.

He says Dziekanski's response to the stun gun - his screaming and struggling, for example - were much stronger than when he was restrained on the floor, suggesting the Taser had a much larger effect.

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