B.C.’s Green Party yesterday announced the creation of an award to be handed out to the most environmentally friendly business in the province.


Details about the award will be released publicly tomorrow, but Interim Leader Christopher Bennett divulged in an interview that nominations will begin early next month.


Starting Oct. 1, a committee will evaluate the nominees, narrowing them down to three finalists. The companies will be invited to attend the Oct. 21 leadership convention, where the prize will be handed out.


Criteria will include job creation and the use of innovative technology.


“We’re acknowledging the role and the essential leadership that the business community plays in solving (environmental) problems,” said Bennett, adding that government is often less effective.

It’s also an attempt to show that the Greens are not just a one-issue party, he explained.

“We cannot win unless we can demonstrate a commitment to a very sane and progressive, but responsible business platform,” said Bennett.

The Party also launched its leadership race yesterday. Candidates will be touring B.C., talking to members and reaching out to voters.