Eight people have been arrested after police broke up what they call a sophisticated cross-border drug organization that used stolen helicopters to trade drugs and cash between B.C. and the United States.

Police in Spokane, Wash., said yesterday the eight B.C. men, one of whom hanged himself in jail, and one U.S. man were trading B.C. pot and ecstasy for U.S. cocaine and cash. In total, police seized 340 kilograms of marijuana, 83 kilograms of cocaine and 240,000 ecstasy tablets, worth $10 million to $15 million, as well as cash, guns and two helicopters. The operation was uncovered in February when police in Utah arrested a Canadian and an American man with 83 kilograms of cocaine.

“This international investigation reveals just how seamless American and Canadian law enforcement work together,” said RCMP Staff Sgt. Dave Goddard.”