Premier Gordon Campbell says he’s not happy B.C. has the highest numbers of children living in poverty in Canada for the sixth year in a row, but he wasn’t taking suggestions yesterday from social groups or the NDP on how to reduce those numbers.

In its 2009 Child Poverty Report Card, the advocacy group First Call said B.C. had 156,000 poor children in 2007 — a good year for the economy.

First Call said B.C.’s child-poverty rate has been the highest in Canada for six years and it’s time the provincial government took action.

B.C. New Democrats called the child poverty numbers shameful and called for action in the legislature. But Campbell said the latest report revealed the lowest child-poverty rate in B.C.

since 1991, and the numbers have been declining since 2003 — indications that his government’s economic and social policies are working.

“We’ve seen continual improvement since 2003, and we’re going to keep doing that by reducing taxes, increasing the number of jobs and investing in education,” Campbell said.

“All of those are, I think, tools to reduce child poverty, and we’re going to keep at it.”

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