Desire to help. That’s the driving force behind an innovative tour that aims to build bridges between female singer/songwriters, and women who’ve had their lives turned upside down by breast cancer.

“I just wanted some way to help women who’ve survived cancer, and overcome the physical hurdles, but still need that emotional and psychological support,” explains Ana Miura, a local musician and founder of Babes for Breasts.

Miura first came up with the idea to raise money for breast cancer survivors in 2003, and so she gathered some musically gifted lady friends and staged a one-night show. The concert raised $500 for charity, and with the success of that night, Miura knew she had to do something even bigger and better.


The hectic pace of life as an independent musician — who also happens to be a mom and full-time student — meant that Miura couldn’t stage another Babes for Breasts event right away.

But, with the help of fellow songstress and friend Amanda Rheaume, Miura has given the event a rebirth for 2007.

This time it’s a tour that will take Miura, Rheaume, Hamilton-born singer NLX: Natasha Alexandra, and Toronto-based performers Rhonda Stakich and Amy Campbell, through Pembroke, Perth, Ottawa and Toronto.

“We’re at really intimate venues, and with these talented ladies who all happen to be my friends I know it will be something special,” proclaims Miura.

There is no doubt that this is a talent-heavy bunch. All the women have healthy repertoires and beautiful voices with which to showcase their songwriting abilities. Their styles compliment each other, but they are varied enough to guarantee memorable performances.

Miura says she’s ecstatic about how well the tour is being received and hopes they can raise lots of money for their charity, the Well Women support group.

The buzz is big here in town and in the other cities too. So big in fact, that it already has Miura thinking about the future of the Babes for Breasts tour.

“I want to take it right across Canada and I would love for it to turn into something as big and influential as Lilith Fair.”

Babes for Breasts plays in town tomorrow at Rasputin’s. The evening show is sold out, but tickets for the 1 p.m. show are $15 and can be reserved by calling 613-230-5102.

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