The baby beluga born at the Vancouver Aquarium on Sunday is doing well and has been introduced to her other relatives.


Staff veterinarian Dr. Marty Haulena said that observations during the first 18 hours showed strong interaction between Aurora and her calf and that nursing is underway.


Just after 9 a.m. on Monday, the baby met Qila and her one-year-old calf Tiqa.


The two mothers and daughters swam in pairs for the first minute, marking the first occasion for two beluga calves to share a habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium. As they swam, Tiqa became increasingly curious about the new baby.


“This is an exciting time for everyone – Aurora, her calf, our other belugas and certainly for Aquarium visitors,” Haulena said. “Aurora is doing a great job and we continue to see her maternal instincts come to the fore.”

The calf and mother will continue to remain under 24-hour observation by the Aquarium’s veterinary and marine mammal care teams.