Tracy Colby and Karl Robertson had an extra little reason to celebrate on New?Year’s Eve.

Their son Connor was born just seconds after midnight on Jan. 1 at Rockyview General Hospital, making him Calgary’s first baby of 2009.

“Lots of people are partying right now and I’m pushing,” Colby, 30, recalled thinking. “And soon I’d get to meet my new little boy.”

In the next room, nurses were making bets as to who would be the New Year’s baby and cheering the young couple on. “They were e-mailing Foothills Hospital, saying, ‘Nope, we’re going to have the New Year’s baby and not you guys,’” said Colby.

Everyone anxiously watched the clock, counting down, and at midnight, Colby gave her last push.

“It was really exciting,” she said. “Especially how close it was, just seconds after midnight. That’s the neat part.”

However, the celebrations didn’t begin immediately. Connor was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, making him what Robertson describes as a “purpley-blue” colour.

“There was a bit of a scare, but he recovered right away and his colour came right back,” said the 31-year-old Robertson. Afterward, they celebrated with apple cider and New Year’s decorations, including tassels lining Connor’s IV tube.

Connor is healthy and already home with his parents and 15-month-old sister Katelyn. He was due on Dec. 21 and after being 10 days late, doctors decided to induce labour, which lasted about six hours. He was born at seven pounds, 15 ounces and 52 centimetres long.

He came home to a sports-themed room, and his parents have hopes for him to become a star athlete.

Mostly though, Robertson said with tears in his eyes, looking fondly at his newborn son, he just hopes he will “live with integrity and be a good boy.”
Colby and Robertson are engaged and plan to get married in August.

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