Baby can be true love deal breaker

<p>Claudia knows she’s the luckiest woman in the world when she meets Ben. He’s smart, successful and just like her, doesn’t want children.</p>




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Author Emily Giffin’s latest book Baby Proof is about a couple whose opinions differ on whether to have children.

Claudia knows she’s the luckiest woman in the world when she meets Ben. He’s smart, successful and just like her, doesn’t want children.

But what happens when, after two years of marriage, Ben changes his mind and wants to have a baby?

Emily Giffin, author of the hit novels Something Borrowed and Something Blue, tackles this difficult question in her latest book, Baby Proof, the story of a couple deeply in love, but not willing to compromise on this one issue.

“I think the book is about deal breakers when it comes to true love,” said Giffin. “It’s the ultimate all-or-nothing situation. You can’t have half a baby.”

Claudia, a successful book editor, has valid reasons for not wanting a child of her own, but she feels the need to explain her decision to everyone around her.

“I think society has expectations of us and one of those is that women should embrace motherhood,” said Giffin. “Society expects us to all take the same journey.”

Unlike Claudia, Giffin always knew she wanted to have children. As the mother of twin two-and-a-half-year-old boys, Edward and George, she said it was difficult to get in the head of someone who didn’t want a baby.

“I love my sons more than anything. I feel much more complete as a mother,” revealed Giffin.

Despite Giffin’s desire to have even more children, she doesn’t judge women who make the choice to not become a mother.

“I think there’s the misconception that women who don’t want children are cold and selfish,” said Giffin. “But no one would call someone who doesn’t want to get a puppy selfish.”

Giffin believes her book sends the message that it is most important to be true to yourself.

“I do believe not having children is the one thing you can’t compromise on,” she said. “You have to figure out what’s most important to yourself.”

Although Giffin, who has lived in New York and London, now lives in Atlanta, she has a soft spot for her fans north of the border.

“I adore my Canadian readers,” she said. “They are the most generous with their e-mails.”

Giffin is currently working on her fourth novel, Love The One You’re With, which will be released next summer.

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